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» The Bad News
» If you were arrested, charged or convicted of a criminal offence, you have a criminal record.
» If you were ever fingerprinted because of a criminal investigation you have a criminal record.
» Once you have a criminal record, you are labelled as a "convicted felon" and are segregated from society
» In some states a person with a criminal record loses civil and political right such as the right to vote and the right to register firearms.
» As an American citizen you are entitled to these basic rights and freedoms. But once you have a criminal record you lose them.
» Your criminal record is never removed automatically once you are convicted of a criminal offense.
» The GOOD News!
» You can clear your name!
» Obtaining a Pardon or Expungement will seal, destroy or clear your criminal record.
» A Pardon or Expungement benefits people convicted of criminal offences and have since then rehabilitated themselves.
» Removing your criminal record allows you to be reintegrated back into society. No longer will you be segregated from the rest of society.
» Protect yourself from past mistakes and future embarrassment.
» A Pardon or Expungement is proof that you are a productive and law abiding citizen.
» With our help, this can be a hassle-free process which can be as EASY AS 1, 2, 3.

*American Pardon Service does not provide legal advice or probability of success. Should you require legal assistance please consult a lawyer.


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