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State Pardons
State Pardons *
State / Governer Granted Pardons
State Pardons are for individuals who were convicted and imprisoned at the state level.

A Governor has the ability to grant a state pardon to those who have demonstrated a high standard of constructive behavior following their conviction.

A State Pardon will restore all rights of which were taken away from the individual upon conviction.

State Pardons are granted more frequently than Presidential pardons. Let us assist you in getting you started on your new life. Contact us today.

» Pardon Facts and Definitions:
» A Pardon is the forgiveness of a crime and the penalty associated with it.
» Pardons are granted by State Governors and the President of the United States.
» A Pardon generally relieves the offender of legal disabilities imposed upon him/her after the conviction of a felony.
» A Pardon is given as evidence that the offender has rehabilitated themselves as a good character.

*American Pardon Service does not provide legal advice or probability of success. Should you require legal assistance please consult a lawyer.



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